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Who We Are and what we do.

ASI is an industrial factory automation company, family-owned and operated out of Montgomery, Alabama. Auto Sol Inc. has been tirelessly serving members of the Manufacturing community for over a decade, assessing production processes and supplying turnkey engineered solutions for increased productivity and more advanced process control. Doug Grice founded the company in 2008, and since has grown to become a leading resource in the automation industry for PLC-based industrial control systems, robotics integration, software development, machine vision, and more.


Our Guarantees

Our collective experience encompasses 50 years of manufacturing systems, Lean manufacturing, 6Sigma, control systems, fabrication, installations, and numerous software programs. Our highly-trained staff is well-equipped to offer the highest level of quality and performance in countless industrial settings. We are confident in our ability to execute. Because of this, ASI offers a 12 month workmanship guarantee which ensures that all equipment performs in accordance with the manufacturer’s standard quality as to materials and workmanship. Any item or materials not designed or manufactured by ASI are also covered by the respective manufacturer guarantee.

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