Factory Automation

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Auto Sol Inc specializes in the use of AutoCAD as well as Solidworks. This 3-D design software allows our team to integrate computer-aided design drawings and schematics with the motion control component of automated machinery. In industrial automation, this advanced software is used to sequence processes on a variety of machines, milling and turning equipment, integrated circuit design systems, and other mechanical engineering applications.

collaborative robots
robot palletizers

Pick and Place ROBOTS

Lightweight size and compact design allow these collaborative robots to be mounted several different ways for rapid picking, transferring, and sorting of light to medium size payloads.

We know robots.

Robot integration big and small.

ROBOT Palletizers

End-of-Line Palletizers can be integrated to increase speed of production and relieve workers from strenuous lifting when dealing with heavy payloads.

Drastically increase productivity.

Go automated with Fanuc.

Auto Sol Inc. partners with certified integrators to offer a complete lineup from Fanuc robots. Fanuc's M-Series robots are well-suited for handling small to medium payloads in assembly, sorting, and manipulation. And, for the toughest material handling applications, Fanuc's M900 and M2000 models are ideal for handling the heaviest of payloads.

- Welding Robots

- Pick-and-place

- Palletizers

- Robot Cells (Guarding & Safety)

Moving product safely and efficiently.

Conveying solutions for every process.

Auto Sol partners with local suppliers to offer a complete lineup of conveyors including Lineshaft, Belt-Driven Live-Roller, belt conveyors, Vertical Lift, and more. Auto Sol can also integrate variable frequency when speed needs to be controlled. 

Equipping users with more accurate product positioning

By integrating Servo Motors, operators have more control when handling products that require precise positioning over long distances. Brands we integrate include Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley), ABB, Mitsubishi, and Omron.

servo motors

Electronic Transmitters

When you need to monitor pressure, temperature, or numerous chemical compositions and components, integrating transmitters is the key to providing reliable, simplified process monitoring. Our team can provide temperature transmitters, pressure transmitters, flow meters, as well as analytic transmitters for batch control,

electrical transmitters

Machine Vision

To ensure product criteria is being met while operating at fast pace, rule based machine vision performs reliably with consistent and well-manufactured parts by providing things like guidance, identification, gauging, or inspection, all of which can be executed at very high speeds and with great accuracy. Machine vision can be implemented in a wide variety of settings including conveyor systems, mounted to end-of-arm tools with robotics, and more. This eliminates human error and drastically increases productivity by detecting when a part is present or absent, verifies right shape and size, or can instruct the robot on where to place or sort the part. 

Poka Yoke Cells

Prevent human error by incorporating Poka-Yoke techniques within your process. Confined cells and guided step-by-step instructions ensures precise assembly. Poka-Yoke cells are capable of pinpointing costly errors before they take place. This increases overall accuracy and prevents injuries from occuring.

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