Industrial Control Panels

Modernized Industrial Control Panels (ICP's) are custom-built in house or brand-specified by the customer. Our panels serve as a crucial cost-cutter with more up-to-date wiring methods, less energy consumption, and more-reliable indicators. All panels are UL approved per request and may be implemented for Process Control, Material Handling, Machine Automation, and more. All wiring and components are labeled with an easy-to-read naming convention, as well as proper orientation to ensure safety and readability.

Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) Software

Auto Sol Inc is a certified Aveva (InduSoft) systems integrator. InduSoft ® delivers powerful HMI and SCADA software, with innovative tools to rapidly build operator interface, SCADA, HMI or embedded applications and deploy across a wide range of industries.

SCADA is a popular software tool that works alongside the PLC and HMI to record data on operations and logs events into numerous data storage applications. This equips users with better-maintained efficiency, more confident decision-making, increased productivity, as well as mitigating downtime.

Certified Indusoft Systems Integrator

Cad Services (Design & Modifications)

Auto Sol Inc specializes in the use of AutoCAD as well as Solidworks. This 3-D design software allows our team to integrate computer-aided design drawings and schematics with the motion control component of automated machinery. In industrial automation, this advanced software is used to sequence processes on a variety of machines, milling and turning equipment, integrated circuit design systems, and other mechanical engineering applications.

Conveyor Systems Integration

ASI offers integration for Conveyor systems; installing sensors, light curtains, vision scanners, laser scanners, and more.

Robotics Integration

Our control engineers are well-trained in the programming of robotic systems including material-handling (pick and place), welding, and extruding. Brands include Fanuc, Kuka, ABB, Motoman, and more.

Safety Systems

ASI offers expertise in a wide variety of safety solutions including Safety PLC's, Safety Relays, Switches, E-Stops, and more. Brands include Omron STI, Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley), Banner Engineering, Pilz, Sick, and more.

PLC Programming/HMI Design

Our reputable team of programmers specialize in modern PLC-based controls as well as Human-Machine Interface (HMI) program development.


PLC's allow users to customize commands to control outputs for various control devices and monitor inputs that are tailored to the job at hand. A PLC replaces the use of endless relays and timers which make monitoring and troubleshooting fast and easy, resulting in less downtime.

HMI's communicate with the PLC and visually convey useful info and system errors when they arise on a touch screen monitor. HMI's also offer off-site monitoring for fast access and more reliable decision-making even after normal hours of operation. These modern interfaces allow users to track production time, trends, and tags, as well as oversee key performance indicators (KPI's) all at the touch of a screen. Modern HMI's are larger, easy to read, and provide a clear, simple format with a bright-colored screen.

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Industrial Control Panels