We provide solutions for seemingly unsolvable issues in a wide range of industries across North America, including Automotive, Aerospace, Food, Chemicals, Plastics, and more.


We aim to serve as a go-to resource for automation providers everywhere. Through close collaboration, we are able to supply end users with complete, turnkey solutions, and reliable process monitoring to ensure all equipment operates at peak efficiency.  


Over the last 14 years, we have performed integration services all across North America serving numerous industries. Today, our control systems are operating in over 30 cities across the U.S.


"If you want motion done right these are the people to contact. They will make you better. If you have control issues go no further they will diagnose the problem and repair it better than new. I can't say enough about their quality and service if there were a 10 star option they would have it."


- Frank Sullivan

Foam Products Industries Inc, Montgomery, AL


Electrical Control System Integration

We offer control design, assembly, install, and programming.



Our reputable team of PLC programmers specialize in modern PLC-based controls as well as Human-Machine Interface (HMI) program development. PLC automation has become the new standard in manufacturing to ensure uninterrupted operation. Modern Operator interfaces are equipped with large screens and high resolution graphics to provide you with easy readability and simplified monitoring. Brands we integrate include Omron, Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley), Mitsubishi, Unitronics, Proface, Red Lion, Automation direct products, and more. No matter what your budget, ASI can offer intelligent control systems integration to ensure your process runs smoothly and efficiently. 

UL508A Industrial Control Panels custom-fit to power your individual process.


Industrial Control Panels (ICP's) are all custom-built and tested in house prior to installation. Our panels serve as a crucial cost-cutter with more up-to-date wiring methods, less energy consumption, and more-reliable indicators. All panels are UL approved per request and may be implemented for Process Control, Material Handling, Machine Automation, and more. All wiring and components are labeled with an easy-to-read naming convention, as well as proper orientation to ensure safety and readability. PLC brands include Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley), Omron, Automation Direct, and more. We work closely with the end user to customize each panel according to their individual budget.

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