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Auto Sol Inc is a complete integration company. We offer a wide variety of products and services to provide end-users with the best experience possible. Our team of mechanical and control engineers are well-equipped to tackle any project that requires automation.

  • PLC Programming

  • HMI Design

  • New Installs

  • New Designs

  • Prototyping

  • CAD Services


  • RFID

  • Vision Inspection

  • Robotics Integration

  • Visual Basics

  • Motion Control

  • Servo

  • AC Drives

  • VFD

  • Material Handling 

  • Barcode Readers

  • Data Collection

  • SQL

  • Conveyors Integration

Have an upcoming project that requires integration?

Our team of engineers have over 50 years collective experience working with Factory Automated Solutions. Whether it's Robotics, Conveyors, Scanners, you name it! Our aim is to act as an extension to what you, the manufacturer, are already offering your clients. This allows the customer to deal directly with you and check every item off their list with one shop.


We strive to enhance the end-user's overall experience by supplying turnkey engineered solutions, customized to fit any process. Each process demands something different. Our diversity is what truly sets us apart. Our team has served a wide range of industrial segments over the years including Material Handling, Automotive, Aerospace, Food & Beverage, Wood & Paper, Pharmaceuticals, and more!

Overall, we are about developing lasting relationships. We want to act as THE resource that can be called upon whenever needed.

Conveyors Material Handling

Auto Sol Inc serves a wide range of industries including Automotive, Aerospace, Textiles, and much more. Click the "View More" icon to see a breakdown by industry


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